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big ideas don’t change the world. small ideas do. some nice #micromktg thinking from @brandthony:

last official work day before wedding and honeymoon. a bit overwhelmed by everything i need to do today.

Ad for asthma medication that INCREASES the risk of death from asthma. Am I missing something?

research shows i spend 43.7% of my waking hours yelling at the cat. this is unacceptable.

RT @mlogan: 4 lenses for innovation - challenge orthodoxy, harness trends, use resources in new ways, fill unmet needs. + cool bags http …

RT @dnewman: It’s not about fast growth - or good growth - or big growth. It’s about right growth. #sales #marketing #business #ceo #vistage

marketing *coaching* is an interesting idea: coaching=helps leaders help themselves. consulting=doing it for them.

iTunes lists *current* albums by classic artists as “oldies”. That’s kinda sad. No?


seriously considering @bpcleanse as a way of forcing myself to stop eating like shit (and gaining weight). have you done it? advice?


gregverdino posted a photo:


merck’s former ceo says ceo’s need new beliefs and priorities:

RT @johnheaney: Terrific insight from Method’s founder: Great experiences are about being human, and humans want to be surprised.